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Dear Friends and Colleagues:

I recently concluded a fairly substantial business transaction in which I represented a California business, Freewaters, LLC, in the formation of an organization in the United Kingdom with the European company to market and sell high-end footwear in the European Union.

A professional publication from the United Kingdom, Corporate INTL made note of this international joint venture in its April 2011 issue which included a summary of the deal and my participation along with the participation of UK legal counsel in advising the various entities. The article includes quotes from me and branding in the margin next to the article.

I am proud of this particular accomplishment and wanted to share it with you. I am also proud to be associated with my client, Freewaters, LLC, because of their commitment to an activist social corporate responsibility which involves their commitment to address the very real concern of potable water in third world and poor countries as a regular contribution from their revenue stream.

Also, please see the note below from Freewaters, LLC for more information.


Freewaters Joint Venture - Corporate INTL April 2011

Stourbridge based law firm Wall James Chappell has advised a California based company on an international joint venture.

Freewaters LLC, which is a premium casual foot-wear brand, was advised by Philip Chapman, an associate in the firm's corporate department.

Mr. Chapman noted: "I advised Freewaters LLC on the technical and commercial aspects, and assisted in the negotiation of the joint venture documentation including the shareholders' agreement, articles of association, sales and marketing agreement, distribution agreement and service agreement."

Mr. Chapman added that "the purpose of the joint venture documentation was to establish the basic rights and obligations of the parties, and to ensure that the company and its business are established and run in accordance with the parties' objectives."

Gary T. Shara, Attorney at Law (San Jose, California was legal advisor to Freewaters, LLC.

Mr. Shara noted: "I was retained by Freewaters, LLC for the purpose of advising and representing their interests in the transaction which led to the formation of Freewaters (Europe) Ltd."

Mr. Shara added that the principals located in both the US and the UK enjoy an excellent reputation for professionalism, competency and ethics within the industry.

Further, Freewaters, LLC is part of worldwide efforts to provide potable waters to third world countries.

Mr. Shara commented: "I am very proud to be associated with a company such as Freewaters, LLC, which not only maintains high standards of excellence within the industry it serves, but also exhibits a strong corporate social responsibility."

Information from Freewaters, LLC

Product Line and Clean Water Projects

Our website now features our brand video that we filmed while digging our first well in Kenya and our web store is now live with Free UPS Ground shipping on all orders! (Note: can ship within US only)

We are excited to report that our product is now available at finer surf shops across the country as well as on and In May we will be launching in Canada at select stores in BC, Ontario, and Quebec. Through our joint venture Freewaters LTD, based outside of London, our product will soon be available in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and Switzerland.

For the latest updates on our clean water projects in Kenya and much more, please follow us on Facebook.

The purchase of one pair of Freewaters allows us to provide clean drinking water for one individual for one entire year!