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Practice Profile

Providing Legal Expertise for the Business Owner

Gary T. Shara's practice has been dedicated to representing and counseling the privately-held business, including corporations, partnerships, LLCs, LLPs and sole proprietorships since its inception in 1971. Mr. Shara assists the business owner and entrepreneur in choosing the correct business entity, establishing the entity of choice under applicable Federal and California law, and maintaining the entity in compliance with law. He provides a wide range of legal services designed to assist the business owner with ongoing day-to-day legal issues.

Mr. Shara provides legal representation in guiding the client through mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, raising capital, private placements and a myriad of other business transactions and contractual matters.

Covering a Broad Range of Legal Advice

Mr. Shara's practice also emphasizes guidance and legal advice relating to Board of Director and Shareholder issues. This includes consultation and preparation of contractual documents, employer/employee issues, sales and secured transactions under the UCC, trade regulations and customer relations.

Team Concept for the Successful Business Owner

Gary T. Shara is proud that the clientele he is privileged to serve as an attorney and counselor are primarily from the referrals of other attorneys, other professionals such as C.P.A.s, and current and former clients. Mr. Shara is committed to working with your advisors and professionals to deliver an integrated solution to your business legal needs.

Delivering Solutions for Your Business Legal Needs

Mr. Shara offers legal advice and solutions to the business owner in all aspects of business ownership.

  • A business consultant for your small or large business
  • Preparation of business contracts
  • Assistance in resolving business or contract disputes
  • Your business lawyer through all business phases:
    • startup or business acquisition
    • business operations
    • business merger, sale or transfer
    • business end

Mr. Shara looks forward to hearing from you.